Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Shiokingly good Singapore-Beach Road Prawn Mee@East Coast Road

It's now "eat, shoot, post and be merry" time! My "Shiokingly Good" series begins...

"Shiok" - originally a Malay exclamation, but now a universal Singaporean expression denoting extreme pleasure or the highest quality, on FOOD, particularly ! Yummy food !

Remember that prawn mee and lok bak we've tried in my ya-selamat-datang-terima-kasih post of Penang Village ?

Here's the Singaporean version.
Beach Road Prawn Mee@ 370 East Coast Road

Why does prawn mee often pairs up with Ngoh Hiang or 五香* ? We've had similar combination here as well...

At Singapore's Beach Road Prawn Mee House, this 五香 was our side-order.

*Ngoh Hiang or 五香 refers to the five spices used in the seasoning.

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