Friday, January 05, 2007

Sin City - So Sweet!

Many know that the sugar coating on M&M chocolates is patented but not many (at least I do not) know that part of M&Ms history has to got to do with the U.S army. They were developed initially for the U.S army? I did not know that. I was ignorant. I reckon they could still have chocolates that "melt in their mouth, not in their hand" while fighting a war.

I prefer dark bittersweet chocolates. M&M is not for me. But it's free to enter this five-storey building. Ok, will just take a look what the craze is about. Oh no, I could not even move freely in this building. People, people, people. IT'S A CULT!

Four floors of retail space devoted to chocolate-covered candies, everything from T-shirts and golf-club covers to calculators and martini glasses. Just like any other Disney or Warner Brothers retail store. I was not impressed.

I was tickled by all the 3D exhibits along the walkway, though.

They come to life !

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