Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Shiokingly good Singapore Part 5-茶餐厅, new kid on the block

One of the first 茶餐厅 to open in Singapore , and it's along East Coast Road. They must be doing quite well since they've opened another branch in Novena. Hong Kong 茶餐厅 or cafes are becoming popular in Singapore, only recently.

We've tried the stewed beef brisket noodles before and know it's good. So, we orderd that.

There are more than 250 items to order from the menu. So if you are one that loves variety in a menu, then this is it!

First time trying their HK fried carrot cake with XO sauce

Hmmm...I remember this shape! Looks almost exactly to what Simcooks has.

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Hello tigerfish! May I ask how you add the tags to the bottom of your posts?

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Hi yummie dummies, when I try to type out the html code for you, the actual links appear and not the code :(

check it out here instead...

hope it helps, good luck !

happy tagging!

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