Thursday, December 14, 2006

Shiokingly good Singapore Part 6-When there's a wait and queue, you know there's good food

During weekends, there is usually a 1/2 hour (sometimes even up to 45min) wait for this simple mee pok (flat noodles) dish @ East Coast Road. We've done another one - one of our favorites...132 Mee Poh Kueh Teow Mee. In Cantonese, the numbers "1 3 2" is pronounced as "Yat San Yi"...and translates to "一生易 " in Mandarin; and in English, simply means "One Whole Life Easy". Hmmm...Chinese are really sometimes superstitious, ya? No "1 6 4" on a car license plate number or house no.,please... taboo,taboo (give a "1 6 8" instead). Difference in just one number, but the former would suggest "being down-on-luck forever", while the latter would suggest "prosper all the way!". "4" is "sey"(Cantonese)-"死"(Mandarin)-"death(English); while "8" is "fatt"(Cantonese) - "发"(Mandarin)-"prosper"(English). So, if you see some addresses along any retail blocks in the Bay Area that are numbered "8 8", or "8 8 8", there's a 99.99% chance that it's opened/owned by a Chinese! Haha! Just wondering if the DMV in California allows car buyers to bid/buy car license plate numbers. Well, Singapore does allow that. Pay a fee to buy your favorite set of numbers for your precious car.

Back to mee pok. Like laksa, there is also a clone war for this one. But for 132 Mee Pok, the chilli/heat index is High! And unlike Teochew Bak Chor Mee that usually contains black vinegar ( my fake version here), 132 Mee Pok does not add black vinegar to its noodles dishes.

Am sweating...eating these noodles with chilli, in hot humid Singapore...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, you are allowed to get your favorite set of numbers for your precious car in America, but you need to pay a fee every year.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous tigerfish said...

Oh, is that true ? What's their fav numbers ?

4:15 PM  

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